What to consider before moving to a new apartment.

What to consider before moving to a new apartment.

What to consider before moving to a new apartment. past 2

— know your landlord

In a world where everything has gone digital, you can secure your apartment online or check out the available houses on their website but it’s advisable not to sign a deal or pay for a rent online without meeting the landlord in person. You have to be cautious because unfortunately rental scam happens a lot this days. Know your landlord and find out if he’s trustworthy and learn how he deals with other tenants.

— who lived there and why did they leave?
You’ve seen a horror movie where a family was endangered because they moving to a new apartment and they didn’t know its a hunted house? (I’m just pulling your legs).
But It’s important you find out who lived there? What is the nature of their job? What did they spoil in the apartment and inform the landlord to fix it. And why did they leave the house. Was there something they didn’t like about the house? How many years did they live in that apartment? How did they relate with other neighbors? Were they chased out by the landlord or they left on their own?
This is not being nosy, this is you knowing the kind of environment you’re about to live in.

— security
The security of a place is everything. If the location is filled with people who constitute nuisance in the street or it’s the regular location for thieves. You’ll live in constant fear which will take away your peace of mind. Live in an environment that is secured for the safety of you and your family.

— you should get a renters insurance :
Getting a renters insurance might seem unnecessary to you since its not your house. But the landlord already has insurance for his house which doesn’t cover your personal belongings. Some landlord’s require that you get a renters insurance which is inexpensive and safe.

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