What to consider before moving to a new apartment.

What to consider before moving to a new apartment

What to consider before moving to a new apartment. – part 1

Moving can be hard and stressful and sometimes it could affect our mental health if we do everything alone and if we are not sure on what to consider and what not. I’ll walk you through some points to consider before moving.

— Can you afford the property ?
We’ve all been there, where we view a property and we love it immediately because it looks like our dream house. Sometimes these houses are more than our budget but it’s the house of our dream and who doesn’t want to live their dream?. So quickly do the maths on the yearly bill, the security fee, the agent fee, light bill and other bills to be paid. And if you still think it’s worth the budget then you move in.

— Does the location work for you ?
You don’t just move in when you’ve not considered the location and how convenient it’ll be for you. So ask if the location is safe? What is the security in the area like? How far is the location to your place of work? Is the road good (or does uber have to cancel on you all the time because of a bad road?), are there nearby clinics, shops or restaurants? Consider all these before moving.

— What are the terms and conditions?
Ensure to assess a rental property before renting or buying. If you view a property during the dry season you might not know if the road gets flooded during wet season. Consider if there are noisy neighbors in the street, check out for some fault in the apartment and ensure that it’s fixed before your tenancy begins.

— Is the timing right ?
We understand the pressure you might have gone through in finding a house. But don’t let anyone pressure you more. Just because the agent wants to let the property from a certain date doesn’t mean you should rush things.
Ask for the available date and move in when it’s convenient for you.

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What to consider before moving to a new apartment

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